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Weekly Moving Tips to Prepare for Your Move.



Preparation Tips for an Efficient Move

Start planning your move as early as possible; there is no excuse for going into this unprepared, especially if you are on a tight budget. We are professional moving experts that feel obligated to help the public in any way we can to ensure a smooth, uneventful moving experience. The main tasks for the client to focus on is taking with them only the things they need, leave the junk behind, pitch it, sell it or give it away If you would like, contact us so we can walk you through the process and make recommendations as you proceed.

Some Things You Want To Be Prepared For and Have the Answers To
• Are you truly ready when the movers arrive?
• Did you get all the necessary packing and moving supplies?
• Are all your belongings properly packed in labeled, stackable boxes?
• Can the moving truck get close to your home and what special needs your accessibility may require?
• Have you eliminated all excessive and unwanted belongings?

The following timeline is provided to help ease the stress of planning for an upcoming move.

4 Weeks Before the Move
1) Call Palm Beach Movers to schedule your move and set up the services you will require.
2) Take a tour of your home and begin weeding out items that are going to stay behind, schedule a garage sale if that is how you have decided to dispose of it.

3 Weeks Before the Move
1) Arrange to have your major appliances serviced before you move them.
2) Movers cannot transport aerosols, flammables, corrosives or ammunition. Propane tanks and lawn mower gas needs to be drained as these pose serious safety concerns.

2 Weeks Before the Move
1) Notify the Post Office and obtain change of address forms for all of your personal contacts.
2) Notify subscription services of the address change.
3) Dispose of all corrosive materials or caustic acids.

1 Week Before the Move
1) Arrange Cable TV disconnection.
2) Arrange connection of utilities in your new home

The Day Before the Move
1) Defrost, clean and dry refrigerator
2) Clean and prepare all other major appliances

The Day of the Move
1) Strip beds but leave intact for the movers to disassemble
2) Tour your home with the movers to determine the best routes from your home to the moving van
3) Be available all day to answer questions, direct the placement of your furniture and boxes, sign the bill of lading, etc.
So call us today at (561) 338-7080 or fill out our short quote form on top for a free estimate.